About KC's Leather & Accessories

To be genuine is to be original, precise, and absolute. KC’s Leather & Accessories is a family owned business in Savannah, GA that prides themselves in their workmanship and customer service. KC’s Leather and Accessories provides 100% genuine leather products and merchandise.

We specialize in customized leather high quality belts come in various designs and sizes, and can be personalized with your name. Pick yourself up a well-crafted work of art, built to last! We make and paint the belts, size the belts, and ship the belts directly to your door step. We have a store front, flea market booth, and online retail store.

Choose from a variety of western name belts, kids belts, wildlife, deer and eagle belts, hand painted leather belts, work belts, embossed belts, casual belts, and more.